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Connecting High-Impact Women Leaders

As women, we rarely give ourselves the gift of self-development.  Questage® Women’s Leadership Roundtables give high-impact, high-potential women, across industries and disciplines, an opportunity to connect with like-minded women. Each professionally facilitated roundtable is designed by women leaders for women leaders.  We create a safe and supportive space for participants to experience  self-discovery, peer-to-peer support, skill development, and personal/professional growth. Participants will gain fresh insights and perspectives on how to navigate the unique challenges facing women leaders.

Janis Milham and Kris Harmelink are your mentors, moderators, and guides through these roundtable discussions. In addition to guiding participants through a range of topics, Janis and Kris also share their experiences as high-impact female leaders in a Fortune 160 company. As roundtable moderators, they help participants draw out more from themselves and others to maximize the learnings.

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Janis Milham and Kris Harmelink

If you’re ready to give yourself the gift of personal and professional development, request to join one of the below Women’s Leadership Roundtables. Spots are limited to small groups of high-impact and high-potential women leaders. 


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Leadership Challenges Unique to Women

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Senior Leader Think Tank

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awareness and enneagram team building
Women’s Leadership Roundtable

Leadership Awareness & Enneagram

In this roundtable, participants will discover more about themselves and their styles as we utilize the scientifically validated Integrative Enneagram assessment tool to explore, discover, and discuss the motivations and patterns of behavior that help define them as leaders. 

We utilize the Integrative Enneagram’s core motivations assessment as a tool for self-discovery that can open pathways to self-development. By understanding your core motivations alongside and in the context of others in the group, you will increase your awareness in working more effectively with others and learn how other high-potential women leaders harness their core motivations to deliver for their organizations, communities, and families. 

Session 1: Group Overview – In this session, roundtable participants will be introduced to the Integrative Enneagram, its applications, and how it allows for the discovery and development of the self. 

Session 2: One-on-One Debrief – Each participant will take the Integrative Enneagram assessment and have a one-on-one debrief with a certified practitioner to understand their results and the implications for their journey of leadership development. 

Sessions 3-6: Group Discussions – The remaining discussions will revolve around structured group conversations about the Integrative Enneagram and each participant’s results to help women leaders discover more about themselves and their peers. Group discussion topics will include: 

  • Stress management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Productivity and motivation
  • Interpersonal communication 
  • Decision making 
  • Effective leadership
Acquire a deep understanding of your personal leadership style, how to unlock your full leadership potential, and how to tap into the leadership styles of others.
Women’s Leadership Roundtable

Leadership Challenges Unique to Women

In this roundtable, participants will discuss the unique challenges facing women in leadership roles and how to overcome these obstacles as they serve their mission and reach their full leadership potential.

Despite more inclusive and representational workplaces, women still occupy a relatively smaller number of leadership positions compared to their male counterparts. For ambitious, career climbing women, the lack of peer support from other like-minded women in similar positions can make the climb seem daunting. But you don’t have to do it alone!

In this roundtable, coaches and mentors will guide participants through structured discussions of the unique challenges facing women in leadership positions. In each session, participants will analyze how these challenges may be hindering their leadership potential, discuss strategies to push through barriers,  while  developing a strong support network of women leaders. 

Each session will have curated content  (podcasts, articles, short videos, etc.) to help shed light on the issues facing women leaders in the workplace as well as develop roadmaps for navigating challenges.Coaches will also share their own experiences encountering and overcoming a myriad of challenges they faced as women leaders, including: 

  • Maintaining Work/Life Balance
  • Getting a Seat at the Table 
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome 
  • Leading with Vulnerability AND Power 
  • Dealing with Stress in Healthy Ways 
  • Developing an Executive Presence  
Gain new insights, new tools, and more confidence to successfully navigate your career and elevate your personal and professional leadership. 
Janis Milham and Kris Harmelink at a roundtable
senior think tank
Women’s Leadership Roundtable

Senior Leader Think Tank

It can be lonely at the top. This roundtable is reserved exclusively for empowered, accomplished, professional senior level women. We will provide a unique and supportive setting where senior female leaders can share insights and perspectives to help each other thrive.

Designed, facilitated, and moderated by accomplished women leaders Janis Milham and Kris Harmelink, the Questage Senior Leader Think Tank is an intimate small-group roundtable that brings together high-level women executives to support and learn from one another. These sessions are skillfully facilitated to ensure participants walk away from each discussion with fresh insights and a renewed sense of their potential to overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Session 1: Introduction and Agenda Setting – During this 90-minute session, participants will get to know each other, discuss their backgrounds, and set intentions for themselves and the group. During this session, participants will identify topics of interest and co-create the agenda with the facilitators for the next five sessions.

Sessions 2-6: Coach-Facilitated Discussions – Questage coaches Janis Milham and Kris Harmelink will facilitate group discussions around the topics of common interest. Senior women leaders in this roundtable will have the opportunity to learn how like-minded women leaders in other organizations are navigating today’s leading challenges. Sample topics of discussion may include: 

  • Managing a Remote Workforce 
  • Cultivating Company Culture 
  • Diversity and Inclusion 
  • Employee Mental Health 
  • Social Unrest 
  • Globalization
Build a network of fellow senior leaders you can tap into for insights, analysis, and tools to help you better manage challenges in your career and in your life.

The High Impact Women’s Leadership Team

At Questage®, our coaches are accomplished business professionals that serve those who have made their mark as high impact leaders, as well as those thirsting to do so. Questage® stands out from other professional development, mentorship, and coaching providers as being proven high-impact leaders themselves, committed to serving—and connecting—others who desire to harness their power and influence for both self-actualization and the greater good of their organizations, communities, and the world.

Janis Milham

Janis Milham

Janis Milham is a regarded leader with over 30 years of experience at Marriott International where she achieved success in a series of high level roles. Her most recent role was Senior Vice President and Global Brand Leader where she led vision, strategy, and execution for all facets of global brand positioning, strategy, product design, guest experience programming and marketing for seven of Marriott’s 30 brands.

Throughout her career, Janis has been both a student and teacher of leadership excellence. She successfully led teams to high levels of performance by creating a culture of growth, collaboration, trust, and empowerment. Throughout her career, she coached and mentored hundreds of associates across the organization helping them to advance their careers and achieve their goals. Her authentic style, sharp intellect, and practical experience, in tandem with her ability to hear diverse viewpoints, engage the hearts and minds of her audience, and lead so that all can be a part of a larger purpose sets her distinctly apart.  

Janis was the founding member of Marriott’s San Francisco Bay Area Diversity Council and has been a longtime leader of Women’s Leadership Initiatives, which is a passion of hers. She completed coaching training from the Co-Active Training Institute, which is accredited by the International Coach Federation, as she believes coaching skills are some of the best leadership skills you can acquire. Janis also holds a certification in Diversity & Inclusion from Cornell University.

Kris Harmelink

Kris Harmelink

Kris is a recognized strategic sales and leadership expert with over 25 years of experience at Marriott International, a Fortune 160 company. Kris specializes in leadership coaching and transitioning for all levels of leaders as an executive coach, leadership coach, and team dynamics facilitator. She provides one-on-one and group coaching to clients of all levels including high potential emerging leaders to VP and C-level.

She holds a host of credentials to include the Associate Certified Coaching (ACC) Certification from the International Coach Federation, Executive Coaching Certification from the Center of Executive Coaching and Certified IeQ9 Enneagram Practitioner.

As a sales executive and single full-time mother, she personally and professionally understands the unique current challenges leaders face and approaches them very holistically. Her executive acumen—paired with a humble authentically connective approach—allows her to gain credibility quickly with high potential leaders. 

Kris was involved in many of Marriott’s Women’s Advocacy initiatives.  As an advocate for women and the community, she volunteers through various women’s groups and organizations supporting working mothers. 


Thank you to Kris and Janis for your stimulating and insightful sessions! By introducing me to the concepts of the enneagram, you opened up valuable new perspectives on both my personal and professional life.  In just six sessions I was able to view my life from a completely new viewpoint, and suddenly see a clearer path to my future.

CEO, Midlands Clinic

Kris and Janis offer a balanced approach of empathy and honestly with questions that invite pause about the work you’re are doing and how you are doing it.   Working with the group has introduced me to new ways of engaging both personally and professionally.  Any program that can offer a platform to deeper connections in the work we do is priceless… Questage® women’s Forum is just that!

Vice President, Maritz

The Integrative Enneagram assessment was so helpful in not only understanding my self- awareness but getting to levels of self-transformation. This is an effective leadership tool that didn’t “box” me in but focused on the “so what.”   I really appreciated a better understanding the other’s results and hearing them discuss how they see the world through a different lens.  It helped me to better understand different personality types- what drives/motivates them and what limits them.

AVP, Enterprise Holdings

When I started this course, I thought I knew a lot about my enneagram style based on free tests I had taken online. Was I surprised to discover how much more there was to learn! The integrative Enneagram taught me about myself, my communication style, triggers, blind spots, subtype, centers of expression, stretch and release points and so much more. The course with Kris and Janis has helped me improve both my professional and personal relationships through a deeper understanding of myself and the enneagram. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in self-improvement and for any teams looking to elevate their working relationship!

Director, Illumina

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