A Unique, Collaborative Experience for Transitioning Leaders

Life transitions can be difficult, especially the transition to retirement. As we near the next chapter of our lives after a full-time career, it is natural to think the heavy thought: What do I do with my life now and with the decades I have left? 

The Questage® High Impact Transition Mastermind Program was designed exclusively for high-impact leaders who are nearing the end of their careers or have recently transitioned. This program allows you to participate in a small group interactive journey to define a compelling transition plan for your future. For many, the third act of life will be their best act. This program will help make sure your third act is as impactful, relevant, and meaningful as the acts that came before. 

Transitioning is easier when it becomes a team sport, and the Questage® High Impact Transitions Mastermind Program allows you to journey with other like-minded individuals who yearn to develop a compelling roadmap that is driven by purpose, performance, and impact in all areas of your life.

The Mastermind Program

How it Works

The Questage® High Impact Transition Mastermind Program is designed as a small virtual group experience over eight weeks. In a few short months, you will gain a complete picture of the next chapter to come so you can wake up each morning with the same passion, purpose, and intention that fueled your long, successful career as a high-impact leader. 

  1.   Take inventory of the skills, competencies, values, beliefs, and motivations that you desire to integrate into your third act of life roadmap
  2.   Build meaningful productivity scenarios that excite you in the coming years to activate
  3.   Create your Advisory Team to leverage and support you in your third act of life launch
  4.   Craft a roadmap that supports your accomplishments and builds on your personal legacy so you can impact your community–or the world–how you see fit
  5. Get immersed in a collaborative journey to ensure your relevance in your third act of life leveraging your Questage® teammates to refine and polish your transitions roadmap
Mastermind Program | High Impact Transitions

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Meet Your Transition Coach

Allan Milham | Executive Coaching | Contact Us Today

Allan Milham

Allan’s career is distinguished by being among 3% of professional coaches in the International Coach Federation (ICF) to receive the Master Certified Coach (MCC) designation (2004-2023). Allan has more than 25 years of experience impacting top-performing teams and individuals in corporate settings ranging from startups to Fortune 50 companies.

Allan has logged over 15,000 hours working with top performers and their teams, from U.S. Olympians to senior executives, from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies. He is also the author of Bold Moves, Out of the Question: How Curious Leaders Win and Who Are You…When You Are BIG?

Prior to starting his own company, Allan served as a consultant for one of the world’s leading career transition firms, Drake Beam Morin. He has held key leadership positions for Marriott International and TMI USA, an international human resource consulting firm focused on performance management, customer service, culture change, and human relations.

Allan holds a graduate degree in Counseling Psychology and has studied with Dr. Martin Seligman, the leading thinker on positive psychology. He is a certified practitioner of the Integrative Enneagram (ie9) Instrument.


“The Questage® High Impact Transition Program took the combined complexity of my mind, values, and ambitions, shook them out like a rug, and enabled me to find the right-fit end-of-career path dictated from my heart, not my wallet. As a result, I am thriving.”

CEO Managing Director, Strategic Management Consultancy

“I got very clear on my talents/skills in such a thorough and categorical way combined with really looking at what my true passions are. I know myself better and therefore, know what I have to offer the world in a solid, confident and exciting way.”

Principal, Leadership Consulting Firm

“The Questage® High Impact Transition Program inspires you to transformative action. The process provides clarity and important insight that helps you manage your Third Act of Life in today’s chaotic world.”

COO, Technology Industry

“I now have confidence about what I have to offer the world, the service I am gifted to do/give and the readiness to go out in the world and do it! This was only a faraway dream before our work together.”

Founder, Top-Performing Teams Consulting Practice

“The Questage High Impact Transition Program propelled me into creating a compelling roadmap based on my strengths, values and core competencies. As a result, I am now engaged in exciting work that is highly productive. I feel relevant and excited for Monday mornings to come.”

Consultant, Homebuilding Industry

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The Questage® High Impact Transition Mastermind Program was designed exclusively for high-impact leaders who are nearing the end of their careers or have recently transitioned. Fill out this form to learn more or to reserve your spot in these exclusive, small group virtual experiences.